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Small Raspberry Aphid

The small raspberry aphid (Aphis idaei) is a widely distributed virus vector species in southern and central Europe and although is less frequently found in the UK, it is now present in Scotland, although still relatively uncommon, but with climate change and introduction of protected cropping it could become more widespread. Insecticides are frequently used to reduce aphid numbers, prevent serious cane and leaf damage and to lessen the spread of Raspberry vein chlorosis virus (RVCV), which the small raspberry aphid transmits. Recent research has shown that there is considerable variability in newer raspberry cultivar susceptibility to damage but none appear to be resistant to attack. Spread of RVCV could be avoided by selecting and growing cultivars with immunity to the virus. Sources of immunity are known to exist in several North American cultivars, but are thought to be inherited in a complex manner.

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Small raspberry aphid Small raspberry aphid

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