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Soft fruit pests and diseases

Click on the links below for brief descriptions of some of the most common European soft fruit pests and diseases.


Introduction to raspberry pests and diseases
Large Raspberry Aphid Raspberry leaf and bud mite
Small Raspberry Aphid Phytophthora root rot
Raspberry Beetle Cane botrytis and grey mould
Raspberry Cane Midge Raspberry bushy dwarf virus
Two-spotted Spider Mite Raspberry leaf spot/mottle virus
Cane blight Nematode-borne viruses


Introduction to blackcurrant pests and diseases
Gall mite (Cecidophyopsis ribis) Leaf spot (Drepanopeziza ribis)
Leaf Curling Midge (Dasineura tetensi) Mildew (Sphaerotheca mors-uvae)
Clearwing (Synanthedon tipuliformis) Blackcurrant Reversion Disease
Rust (Cronartium ribicola)