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Raspberry leaf spot/mottle virus

These two viruses are spread by the large raspberry aphid Amphorophora idaei. Although the viruses have not been characterised in laboratory studies they share many characters, and they can be distinguished by inoculation to red raspberry indicator cultivars. These viruses are latent in some cultivars but can also produce strong symptoms in others. These viruses are probably the most prevalent Rubus viruses in the UK at present and can cause serious disease problems. On sensitive cvs primocane leaves show chlorotic angular spots on the leaves that are often distorted. Leaves on fruiting canes are usually small and deformed and show more intense spotting than on primocanes. Fruiting laterals on affected canes are poorly developed and plants can become stunted and often die within 2-3 years of infection. No sources of immunity to either virus has been identified although it is known that sensitivity to infection is determined by single dominant genes.
Resistance to the aphid vectors is effective and both minor and major gene resistance to Amphorophora idaei is very effective in decreasing the incidence and spread of these viruses in crops.

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Raspberry leaf spot virus symptoms Raspberry leaf spot virus
Poorly developed lateral Poorly developed lateral

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