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Blackcurrant Reversion Disease

Blackcurrant reversion disease is caused by Blackcurrant reversion virus which is known to exist in two forms, the 'European' and 'Russian' forms (Jones 2002). Control of reversion disease is focused on the mite vector, through resistant cultivars or chemical means (predominantly sulphur applications), together with the removal of reverted bushes from plantations as soon as diagnosed. Reversion-resistant cultivars of blackcurrant are usually derived from R. nigrum var. sibiricum or R. dikuscha; the latter include 'Golubka' and the Scottish cultivar 'Ben Gairn', both of which show resistance to both the European and Russian forms of the virus.

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European form of reversion Symptoms of the European form of reversion.
Upper panel: buds from a virus-free plant,
lower panel: bud from an infected plant
Russian form of reversion Symptoms of the Russian form of
reversion. Note the malformed flowers.
Ben Gairn Ben Gairn which is resisant to reversion


Jones AT (2002) Important virus diseases of Ribes, their diagnosis, detection and control. Acta Horticulturae No. 585, 279-285.

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